Notes for defining a


of Wadi Hadramaut

The utilisation of a homogeneous cultural area like wadi Hadramaut can be implemented through a combination of coordinated interventions which can effectively conserve, safeguard and favor a wider fruition of the architectural and archaeological landmarks by the local population and by foreign scholars and visitors.

The contents of the proposal derive from a knowledge acquired in nearly two years of working at the places in question and of developing an inventory of the historical and archaeological landmarks with the executives of the GOAMM and the GOPCHY in the course of an entire work year. Thus to realise such a program we suggest using a procedure that grapples with the reality of the wadi and concerns human and financial resources, keeping duly in mind local customs and state legislation.

The definition of a PROGRAM will require first of all that legal and sustainable PROCEDURES be used; it will also be necessary to have the financial backing of international INSTITUTIONS capable of proceeding with its implementation through a commitment of human and economic RESOURCES; an indispensable element will be the presence of local OFFICES capable of taking over the everyday management of interventions.

The "Yemen Project – Inventory of cultural heritage priority sites" has drawn up a draft of the "CULTURAL HERITAGE EXPLOITATION PROGRAM" of the entire district of wadi Hadramaut, studying for each wadi a series of interventions that are consistent and functional with each other, and identifying the priorities from among the great number of emergencies.