The realisation of the ATLAS has been entrusted to Italian Touring Club. It will take the form of a Wadi Hadramaut Cultural Heritage Atlas together with a small guide made in the same typical way than the usual work of this important Italian Publisher. This foreshadows one of the most important uses of the data gathered throughout the whole gamut of the area’s archaeological and architectural heritage inventory. In this project, the Touring Club’s task was the study of the area, recording information from the entire area for tourism.


A database linked to the oriented digital cartography (scale 1:25.000 and 1:100.000) is being realised. First an area-wide computerised informational system serves to link together all this information,


which would otherwise remain in separate archives: the images are linked to records and therefore to the territory, while the present is linked to the past. Records and photos can be interrogated starting with the area and vice versa; links can be created among the entire heritage and between it and the past. This system of easy utilisation has already been created for the "Tunisia: Management of the Cultural Heritage" project, for the "Rumania: Informative System for the priority archaeological site management" and for the "Yemen: Inventory of Cultural Heritage Priority Sites", to which, naturally, changes and improvements have been made.